Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy graduation to me!

I pretty much got the best graduation present ever from my wonderful husband...

Yep, we're going back to Disneyland!!

In mid-July we will pack up and head down to SoCal for 5 fun-filled days at The Happiest Place on Earth! Now, if you recall, Rick and I went to Disneyland on vacation last year, which you can read about here... without the kids... which was SO MUCH fun.

This year, we'll be taking kids- or rather a kid. (Yes, let the Mommy Guilt and years of future therapy begin.) We will be bringing Riley with us and leaving the boys behind in Oregon (please don't judge!). We have talked for years about taking trips with the kids alone at some point in their lives, because with 3 kids less than three years apart, alone time with mommy and daddy can be limited. We decided this would be a great time to take Riley to Disneyland, but not so much Cooper at 20 months... We were on the fence about Tyson, but ultimately decided to just take Riley. A small bonus- she is over 40 inches, making her tall enough for many of the rides, hopefully she'll be brave enough to try some of them! :)

We're all set for the trip:

Non-stop flight on Alaska, which I know doesn't sound that exciting, however Southwest doesn't fly non-stop from Portland to Orange County, so I'm looking forward to it!

Almost 5 full days at the parks!

Riley's Halloween costume still fits- Sleeping Beauty- so, we're hoping to get her all dolled-up at the Bippity-Boppity Boutique!

The new water show at California Adventures will be open by then!

And my favorite part- we're staying at the Disneyland Hotel! :)

I have loved Disney since I was a very young girl. I remember the magical feeling I felt walking down Main Street- a feeling I still get every single time! I have so many fond memories from family trips to Disneyland growing up and with different friends over the years. But, I am so excited about this trip and seeing Riley's face light up over and over throughout our visit... I can't wait!

Like I said, in my eyes, the best graduation present ever!


rebeccaln said...

So fun! I am jealous and now you have me looking forward to bringing Ella already...

MSB said...

Have a great time! I think we are going soon, too, but to the World, not the land!
I, too, get that same feeling walking down Main Street, EVERY TIME!

Lisa said...

Have fun!!!!

Diane Wicks said...

I guess I can claim full responsibility, since I took you the first 6 or 7 times, huh? I get that feeling when I walk under the arch with the saying about leaving yesterday behind. That gets me every time! Have a wonderful trip and we are SO jealous!!