Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Today was my 32nd birthday, and it was a wonderful day!

The celebrating began on Saturday night, Rick and I had a great date night beginning at Grand Central Bowl- THE coolest bowling alley ever!

I know, I know... cool and bowling alley in the same sentence is a little odd. But, I LOVE to bowl and I will never be able to step foot into another bowling alley again without comparing it to Grand Central Bowl!

This was our lane- with the massive television screen at the end!

I was in heaven!

Then we moved on to the Melting Pot. Without a reservation, we had to sit at the bar where they only serve cheese and dessert dishes... which were both A-MAZING!

Dessert was SOOOOO good... we got the S'mores chocolate... hmmmm...

Our intention was to see Sex and the City 2 after The Melting Pot, hence the fruity martini-like drink... SO unlike me!

Instead of seeing the movie, we ended up at the Apple Store where we walked away with a new desktop... and then came home to order an iPad. I can't wait to get it in the mail!

I woke up on my actually birthday this morning to wonderful cards and gifts from family and friends, but I have to admit my favorite card was from Riley!
She wrote to me: Happy Birthday Princess Mommy
I am so proud of her!!

Cooper also celebrated a special day today- he turned 19 months old!
We celebrated with some Jamba Juice a the mall! :)

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Lisa said...

Happy 32nd! Sounds like it was perfect all around!