Thursday, June 10, 2010

The photo that started it all...

Let me be clear...

I am not pregnant- contrary to what it may look like in this photo of me, taken on Mother's Day.

Don't get me wrong, this is a cute picture of Rick and I. We're both smiling and very happy. I love the color of the shirt I am wearing, and I love the necklace and earings even more. The problem is the type of shirt I'm wearing- a peasant shirt- which looks an awful lot like a maternity shirt. Especially when you're packing an extra 10-15 pounds around the mid-section- as I have been lately.

I'm going to place an equal amount of blame on my own laziness, the hectic season of student teaching, and the crappy weather we've had in Portland all winter/spring. I barely ran at all (like maybe 2-3 times) the whole time I was student teaching, I was sick with some sort of cold or another pretty much constantly, and the stress of the whole thing didn't help much either. It was a perfect storm. And in that perfect storm, I gained 15 pounds... since December! YIKES!

I knew my clothes were slowing getting a tad bit tighter, but that's what Spanx are for, right?

I knew I wasn't feeling 100%, and I was constantly tired and sluggish.

I knew that the number on the scale was creeping up... but that pound at time didn't seems to matter until one day those single pounds equaled 15.

It wasn't until I saw the photo above that I decided enough was enough. It was time to reclaim my health and waistline... but mainly my health (mental, emotional, AND physical). I mean, getting winded while carrying Cooper up the stairs- really???

So, around my birthday, I decided that rather than having New Year's resolutions on January 1st, I was going to have New Me Resolutions on June 1st! And when I say New Me, I mean the whole me, and not just my weight. I have been unhealthy in all areas by allowing myself to get overstressed, wearing myself too thin, and not leaving enough time to enjoy some "me" time or enjoy the simpler things in life.

Here are a few of the things/goals/resolutions that I have been/will be working on:
  • Wash my face before bed every night/don't sleep in make-up (see, I told you- laziness).
  • Drink less Diet Dr. Pepper and WAY more water.
  • Drink less beer and more red wine... (OK, not more red wine, but choose it instead of beer).
  • Do something active every single day, especially on overnights, when I don't have the excuse of kids being around.
  • Cross train more this time around while training for the marathon... On "off" running days, choose something like biking, swimming, a workout video, or simply taking a walk, rather than just doing nothing.
  • Make smarter choices when it comes to meals- what to eat AND portion sizes.
  • Spend more time doing fun things with Rick and the kids on the days I am home from trips, and less time worrying about housework.
  • Do not spend the last day before I am suppose to leave on a trip, or the day of, running around cleaning house and trying to finish laundry- do all that 2 days before I leave. Then I can concentrate more on the item listed above.
  • Go on more early morning runs or work out first thing, rather than waiting until naptime or when Rick gets home. Otherwise I blow it off for something more enticing like a show on DVR or blog updating... :)
  • Have a dinner planned out earlier in the day or day before, so that when said-dinner time rolls around and the kids are being grumpy and I'm tired and don't want to cook, an unhealthy option doesn't end up being more "convenient".
  • Spend more time playing games or playing outside with Rick and the kids and less time with the television on- something that will become a lot easier when our backyard is done and the sky quits raining!!
So, I know it seems like a really long list, but I think it is manageable... I've been doing pretty well so far on most of it- but lets be honest, it's only been a little over a week and I'm human! I did manage to go on an almost 4 mile run twice in the past week in unfavorable conditions- first on an evening when it was pouring rain and I got soaked and the other was yesterday morning at 5:45am. Yet, then I failed on the healthy dinner option last night (we had pizza) and I failed again today, saving my workout for naptime (yet, here I am blogging instead). Baby steps.

I hope you can all help keep me accountable a little bit. And I'd also like to know- What are some goals/resolutions you have set for yourself lately? Also, any great workout ideas so I don't get bored?? Please share goals or workout ideas in my comments section, thanks! :)


Kathleen said...

One of my goals was to lose some weight this year. I started Jan 24th and have lost 30 lbs. I took a 6 week hiatus, gaining only 2 or 3 lbs back, but I am back on the wagon and feeling great. I have decided to start running again and my first run will be a Half marathon in October. I am looking forward to it!

Charm said...

I'm really proud of you that you're actually doing something about how you feel. I was depressed for a while and then one day I decided to do something about it. Since then, I tore out our old (kid) stained carpet and refinished the hardwood floors hiding underneath, made curtains for our bus, and made keely a dress. It seems like I have to have a creative outlet! I also do want to loose weight, I feel like i've settled at the weight I am, I too have lost 30 pounds but I feel it's time to loose more. I have similar goals as you. I don't think I could do a marathon tho cuz i really don't like running but I have a lot of respect for you! Wishing you luck with your goals and the most important thing is getting the support from your husband with the goals :)

Jill Hoffmaster said...

I have to say, I didn't notice you had gained a pound in that photo. You look great! For me, I've been trying to lose the same 10 lbs since Ella was born 5 1/2 yrs ago...grrr! At 5'1" 10 lbs can look like a lot! Last week I joined Weight Watchers online and lost 4 pounds the 1st week...I love it! Super easy to follow and fun in a weird way too. My mom and sister also had success with Weight Watchers and they too only had 10 t0 20 lbs to lose. Give it a try!

Lisa said...

It is now, that Lindsey is 20 months old and finally sleeping, that I am no longer sleep deprived, snacking, dr pepper drinking lady and with summer here I decided TIME FOR ME!!! Working out has me feeling so much better and all I'm doing is 30 minute Jane Fonda Videos and the recumbent bike! I've lost about 3 pounds and it came straight off the midsection (yay!) and am no longer snacking. So a) I sympathize b) know you'll feel so much better soon! c) that is an ADORABLE picture of you two! I also found that cotton skirts are so much more comfortable than shorts and are cuter too, again helping with the self esteem! Best o' luck to you!

Diane Wicks said...

As a lifetime member of Weight Watchers, who should probably go back - ha, I agree the above mention of what a great program it is. For one thing, it is something you can follow for the rest of your life, nothing is "forbidden", you just have to stockpile the points when you want to splurge. They also allow you menu options at all of the major chain restaurants, so you know what to order. But I agree with the last post above who said you look fabulous, no matter what. Of course, I might be a little prejudiced. Mom

Lisa Joy said...

I'm right there with ya! Part of my issue is the stress of James' surgery, too many yucky hospital meals, eating only snacks during the day in the hospital room and then being starving at night, lack of sleep. Part of the issue now is my back injury, so it'll take time before I'm allowed to work out again {which sucks, since now I'm actually motivated to do it again!}. Mostly, I've found that if I feel out-of-control/over-stressed in one area of my life, all the other areas suffer...I scrap my routine, I don't exercise, I don't watch what I eat. I just slack overall. Sick of it!! I'm so ready to get back on track. You know your weight is bad when you go shopping, try on tons of outfits and come home only with a pair of flip-flops! I guess shoes are the Fat Day Savior! :-)

Heather said...

I'm with ya babe...back on track to lose 15 this summer. Good luck to you, you are so amazing with all you do! ~Heather

Maggie said...

It seems everyone is feeling the winter weight blues! I too am on the 10-15lb track. So, good luck to you. I am running/walking/biking. Also, I just wanted to say you can eat pizza...just make it yourself. I have an easy crust recipe and you can put whatever you want on it. So much healthier and still getting pizza. I am going to try carmelizing some onions next time. Just got that idea from Everyday Food. Love ya!