Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy Wednesday!

Today is a good day.

No particular reason, just another day to be thankful for and feel blessed.

The school year is winding down, and Rick only has 1 1/2 more days with students and then a final work day on Monday to wrap up the year. Summer is suppose to be here, although the cloudy skies, rain, and wind aren't really screaming summer here in the greater Portland area. I hear it was sunny and warm last weekend, but of course I was traveling and missed it! :) Our backyard will be ready to walk on by the end of the weekend and the rest of the yard should be finished by then, too- so, hopefully I'll have some amazing pictures to post and we'll have some wonderful weather to be able to enjoy it!

On Friday, the kids begin a summer of fun at a preschool/child care facility near our home, in their Summer Program. Each week has a different theme, so the kids should have fun learning while meeting new friends and getting used the facility. They begin there full-time in the fall, so we decided a few days a week through the summer would be a great way to ease them into their new school, give Rick a little break while I'm traveling, and also give Rick and I both a chance to get projects done around the house and enjoy some daytime dates. We haven't golfed since our first summer dating, so golfing is high on our activity to-do list, and we'll be able to go on bike rides and runs together- I can't wait!!

Earlier today I was able to go visit the class of 5th graders I taught during student teaching, which was so much fun! I haven't been to see them since my last day in May, so I was excited to spend an hour with them on their last day as 5th graders. They were so surprised and happy to see me, which only reminded me of the amazing experience I had student teaching. I can only hope to be lucky enough to have a similar group of my own someday!

A couple of updates on my goals: I have been successful at working out most days and can already notice a difference in the way I feel. I love that although I am still training for the marathon in October, my main focus for staying in shape has shifted from running to an overall body shape-up. I've discovered Exercise TV on our Comcast On Demand, which has perfect workouts I can do during naps. Then I can still run 2-3 days a week, which I love! I also signed up for Weight Watchers online on Monday, to help guide me a little in the area of nutrition. So far I am really pleased with it, and love the iPhone app I can use to stay on track and look up Points. Thanks to Jill and my mom for the suggestion! Hopefully I'll be able to share my successes in the weeks and months to come!

Finally, I have to share with you my newest television obsession: Mad Men!! My cooperating teacher introduced me to it back in April by lending me her Season 1 DVDs. It took me a while to watch all 13 episodes due to lack of time, but I finally finished them and moved onto Season 2. Now that I'm flying again, watching Season 2 has been perfect way to pass the time while commuting- which is why I flew through them in no time! I'm all ready for Season 3 to arrive by Netflix this Friday, and I'll finish them just in time to enjoy Season 4 in real time on AMC. I love everything about the show- the costumes, the characters, the eccentric lifestyle, and the 60's history they weave into the storylines, like the election of JFK, Marilyn Monroe's passing, and the Cuban Missile Crisis. I love losing myself in the world of Don Draper and Sterling Cooper advertising, and I can't wait to see what Season 3 has to deliver!

Alright, enough rambling for this post! How do you like the new layout? A nod to my running goals for this summer/fall!


Lisa said...

Happy Wednesday to you. =)

The countdown will reveal itself shortly, have no fear! =)

Allison White said...

I love ExerciseTV too! When it's raining or too hot it's so convenient!! Happy Wednesday :)