Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Upstairs: Part I

Riley, Tyson, & Cooper's Rooms

My mom made some cute signs to put on the kids' bedroom doors, here is Riley's:

Her bed
The dresses on either side of Riley's bed are a couple of my favorites- the purple one was a flower girl dress from her cousin Jamie's wedding, and the pink was her Easter dress from last year. I think they make perfect decorations now that she has outgrown them!

And the desk I still need to paint

A little kitchen set for her room

And the bookshelf I need to paint, too.

The closet is a perfect place to set up Barbie's house!

I'm glad Riley loves her room as much as I do!

Tyson's sign- his room has a little transportation theme, cars and trains.

The walls were already painted the different shades of blue, so we just found bedding to match and went from there!

We got the train table for free from a friend, and it was a perfect fit in Tyson's room!

My mom found the Route 66 sign at an antique store, The Roxy, in the Tri-Cities, and I found the license plate map of the U.S. at Target.

A great room for our Big Guy, don't you think?

Cooper's room has an airplane theme.

The airplanes actually started out with Tyson as a baby and then when the boys shared a room at the old house they both had airplane bedding. Now, Cooper has it all to himself!

I found the big picture hanging over his bed at Costco and I thought it would fill the space on such a big wall so well!

This is one of the airplanes Cooper received for his room, the other is much bigger and is still waiting to be hung from the ceiling... someday!

Cooper's room has the least amount of furniture, but I think I like some of the specific pictures in his room the best- they have been picked out and specially framed for his room over the past couple of years. Including the Mickey picture on the right wall- we picked that up on our vacation to Disneyland last summer!

If you missed the previous posts, check out pictures of the downstairs by clicking here and here!

Coming up tomorrow:
The rest of the upstairs, including the Master Bedroom & Bonus Room


Emily said...

What a gorgeous home! I'm very jealous of all your space and put-togetherness! Love it!!

Happy birthday and congratulations on graduation, too!!

Alaskiana said...

LOVE the house!! The floorplan is awesome, and of course the decorations look amazing!

BTW - CONGRATS on graduating with your Master's Degree. I am so proud that you stuck with it through all the kids, moves and everything else going on in your life. Hats off to you!!

Lisa said...

I love home decor posts! Everything looks great....even that desk that you said you need to paint still....from the photo, it looks perfect!