Thursday, June 3, 2010

Future cake-maker?

Who doesn't love spreading out the birthday love just a little bit longer?

Rick and I went out to dinner on my actual birthday and we didn't have any chocolate frosting in the house, so we opted to make a birthday cake the day after my birthday instead, as a way to celebrate with the kids.

(My all time favorite cake is a simple yellow cake with chocolate frosting.)

So, while Rick and I were on our date, Riley drew a picture of the cake she wanted to make for my birthday:
The little figure on the bottom left part of the cake (yellow face with eyes and a blue mouth) is Ariel. Riley decided I should have an Ariel cake for my birthday!

This is what we ended up with- not bad, right?
(We used the leftover princess cake decorations from her 3rd birthday- a castle candle and 5 of the princesses. :)

She was so excited!

She can plan my birthday theme any time- it's actually something she and Tyson talk about all the time. Tyson said just today that he wants a Dinosaur birthday next year.

I love her creative imagination and her warm heart!

And here are a couple of photos of the boys enjoying the cake!


Lisa said...

A classic and very yummy choice!

And Riley's cake drawing is impressive! Though her & Ty's planning doesn't surprise me - it was January when Nat decided what she and Linds would be for Halloween and she's stuck with it!? The way their little brains work... =)

rebeccaln said...

R is sooo dang sweet! And that cake looks delicious, I want some! I think a dinosaur themed party would be fabulous.... Your kids are just precious.