Thursday, September 20, 2012

A boy and his easel

Last Christmas Santa brought Tyson the perfect gift for his creative mind- an easel and some chalk! He loves to draw and uses his easel often. The only problem is he has to erase one drawing to make another, so I finally starting taking pictures of them...

One of Tyson's favorite rides at Disneyland was the Matterhorn. He LOVED the Yetis. There is a Disney iPad game he likes that allows you to search for the Yeti with binoculars. In the weeks following our trip to Disneyland, Tyson became slightly obsessed with Yetis... writing and telling stories about seeing them from the school bus and asking to go on searches for them. This was his Yeti drawing... complete with red eyes like the one on the ride.

A treasure map... with a key of things to look out for on the road: cars, fire in the road, trees, and he's in the middle of drawing an elephant.

A rocket... I forgot to ask him what the words were suppose to say.

A germ and the white blood cell that eats the germs. He and Rick had a conversation about it because Tyson has a sore throat and cough right now. :)

Probably my favorite of his recents... he drew the insides of the body, based on a picture from a Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That book. If you look close enough, the best part is the word he wrote over the brain: Disney. Because he's always has Disney on the brain. :) Yes, we've (I've?) created a Disney monster!

These he drew these ones free hand on paper and cut them out to give to Mickey and Minnie...

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