Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Soccer Stud

Tyson had his first soccer game last night, and it is amazing the difference a year can make! Last year, Tyson was the youngest on his team and was more interested in playing around or simply sitting on the field than actually playing! Towards the end of the season, it became almost painful to watch. He never wanted to actually go in the game to play and when he had to go in he would just stand (or sit) there. They only play 3 on 3, so when you're son won't help out his two teammates it's just awesome. Rick and I remember other parents reassuring us that their kids out on the field hussling around after the ball were just like Tyson the previous year, and next year would be better. Thank goodness they were right- at least for now! It's only been one game, but we were so proud of him for trying his best and participating in the game.

He was having so much fun! This was his "Come on, I'm ready!" face when the other team was getting ready to throw the ball in. 

And this was him stretching, again right before the other team was prepping to throw the ball in. His coach was calling him Mr. Stretchy. :)

This was THE money shot of the game... Rick catch Tyson getting ready to defend the ball after catching up with the other player. He's flying! 

Riley's first game is tomorrow, but she and Cooper still had fun hanging out at the field. (Well, except when Riley got stung by a bee- that wasn't so much fun for her. She was tough about it though!)

Cooper is just itching to be able to play himself. The downside of a fall birthday and everything starting in September... you have to wait almost a full year to participate. 

I am so thankful for the beautiful fall weather we typically have here in Portland in September and for the turf fields the kids play on! It makes evening soccer games a little more fun to attend. By October last year we had to sit through a game in sideways rain and one in nearly freezing temps. Not as enjoyable, for sure!

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