Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cat naps

Sadly, Cooper has given up napping. He gave it up a while ago, but I've been in denial. He wakes up in the morning the happiest boy, plays hard all day, and then transitions into another child around late afternoon/dinner time... a little grumpy and sort of defiant. He gives the impression he may have benefitted slightly from a nap- even just a quick power nap. There have been a few days in the past several months when his little body just couldn't fight it, and he would fall asleep right on the spot!

The car is a popular spot for Cooper to fall asleep... like on the way to soccer games at 5:30pm. Convenient.

Playing in the hall when he should have been in his room for quiet time. 

After a bath a couple of weeks ago, around 6pm... still completely wrapped up in his towel (and naked underneath). :)

This might have been a favorite... I went in to tell him he could come out of his room from quiet time and found him like this... looks comfy, right?
About 20 minutes later he woke up, came to see me in my bedroom, and layed down again on my lap. I had to get up to take a phone call, and I came back to this...

 All I see in these pictures is a very big little boy who is growing up SO fast! He and Tyson are practically wearing the same size in shoes and clothes, and they are 21 months apart! Our baby is going to be 4 in just over a month... just crazy!

On the flipside to his occasional unpleasant behavior, Cooper is also very helpful! He loves to fold the towels and is always trying to do nice things for his big sister and brother. Here are the fruits of his labor from one afternoon. :)

I am so proud of my little "cuddle bug" and the big guy he is becoming! With his official start of preschool earlier this month we have seen such growth already, and we all enjoy his recent serenades of the Hokey Pokey and Old MacDonald Had a Farm. :)

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