Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sweet Pea

This is an "All about Riley" post.

 Riley is....

A little goofy.

A great "mom" to her stuffed animals. 
She reads to them and they all have a special place on her bed every night.

Daddy's little princess.
Mommy's too!

A little moody on occasion... **
(This was mid-fit in Cars Land)
**Which then leads to all toys, stuffed animals, doll houses, etc., to be removed from her room.

A soccer player.

A collector... 
She brought home several sea shells from our beach trip this past summer.

She LOVED every fast ride at Disneyland and wanted to ride them again and again. Her favorite was the Grizzly River Run ride.
She enjoyed jumping the waves at the beach.
And she was willing to try water skiing over the summer. (After quite a bit of convincing.) :)

The oldest child... (and brave!)
Which means she is cursed with having to ride alone at Disneyland just like I was when I was younger. :)

A supportive big sister.
(She was holding Tyson's hand off the bus on his first day of school.)

A dancer/tumbler... it's taken her nearly 2 years to be able to hold that pose. :)

A dress-lover... 
Daddy picked out some cute ones for the new school year!

A (front toothless) first-grader with a mind for MATH!! 
She takes after her math-teaching dad and has a brain for numbers. I'm so jealous!

Simply beautiful, inside and out, and she's growing up way too quickly!
We just picked up her dance pictures from June, and I can't get over beautiful she looks. We often remind her how important it is to have beauty on the inside, which I hope she remembers as she grows up.

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Angie L. said...

You have such beautiful kids, Brooke!!