Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Burt/Walters Reunion

For the first 14 years of my life, we lived in the same little house on Olympia Place in Kennewick. Between our family and the house next door, there were six of us kids all together- Michelle was the oldest, then me, Kevin, Jeff, my sister Robyn, and my brother Bryan. We were sort of like the Brady Bunch, three girls and three boys, and we played together ALL THE TIME. We have so many pictures and memories from growing up together, celebrating birthdays together, camping, having Easter egg hunts, trick-or-treating, and more camping. Such fun!

My mom and sister had the great idea of having a reunion BBQ so we could all catch up after all these years. Everyone was able to make it except for Jeff, his girlfriend, and their daughter Scarlett, who already had plans to be in Tacoma for the weekend. My mom and her husband, Jim, hosted the event at their new house in Kennewick which was perfect. The backyard is super kid-friendly and they have a pool- the best feature being the fence surrounding the pool for safety. It was wonderful to be able to let the kids run around the yard without having to worry about them falling in the pool. They even got to swim a little because the weather was so nice!

Standing: Kevin, Rick, Tyson, me, and Riley
Kneeling: Robyn, Cassidy, Bryan, Owen, Michelle, and Steve

Standing: My mom Diane, Kevin, Tyson, Rick, me, Riley, Michelle, Owen, and Sue
Kneeling: Robyn, Cassidy, Bryan, and Steven

Riley and Tyson playing in the pool- well, hanging out on the steps!

Riley had fun with the Nemo bucket and splashing water on herself.

Cassidy was a little fish, swimming for hours. She had a nice little sunburn to prove it the next day!

Tyson had fun emptying a full bottle of water all over himself!

The kids played in the yard until the sun went down- they were having a blast with Cassidy and Owen!

Owen is such a little cutie- he posed and said cheese for the camera!

The Comptons: Michelle, Steve, and Owen

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