Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Oregon Zoo

For Mother's Day, Rick decided on the perfect gift that we can all enjoy as a family- an Oregon Zoo membership! We took the kids on Saturday and got a chance to enjoy the heat wave weather we got here in the Pacific Northwest. The kids had a great time! Riley couldn't quit talking about it and asking to go to the zoo again on Sunday. Here are a few pictures from the trip:

That is a polar bear swimming by the window in the background, he was swimming back and forth and doing his turns right where the kids were sitting. Riley couldn't stop talking about it that night while Rick was putting her to bed and asking about her day at the zoo. It was pretty cool!

Tyson and I looking at the elephants.

We took a break on the lawn for snack time and let Riley run around a little and play in a water mister they had to cool off in the hot weather. We're also trying to get Riley used to wearing sunglasses and Tyson a hat for a trip to Orlando in June- they're both doing pretty well with them!

Riley got a chance to be tall like the giraffe we were looking at while sitting on daddy's shoulders.

What a long day, Riley was SOOOO tired that she was falling asleep on Rick's shoulders as we left the zoo. Tyson had already fallen asleep in the stroller about an hour earlier.

It was a fun day and I'm excited to take advantage of the zoo membership over the next year. A couple of our friends who also have memberships made great points about being able to go whenever you want- there is no need to tackle the whole zoo in one day like you feel like you need to when paying full admission. We can go for an hour or two at a time if we want and just focus on certain parts of the zoo. Thanks Rick for such a thoughtful and fun Mother's Day gift!

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Lisa said...

What fun! Natalie and I love to go to the zoo, but ours isn't near as nice as yours looks. Every time we've been the elephants and lions are MIA. Enjoy it while you still have the energy to! =)