Saturday, May 3, 2008

Cute moments

Riley playing mommy to her cabbage patch doll. She had her all wrapped up in a blankie and rocking her and giving her kisses on the forehead when I came in that morning to get her up.

Peanut butter and jelly, milk and cookies, hot fudge and ice cream... Tyson has discovered a new combination that could be sweeping the nation soon- green beans and ketchup!

A little cuddle time on the couch with daddy after had a long day at work.

Tyson found a great place to enjoy his cracker snack.

And here are a few other fun moments that I don't have pictures for:

I hadn't shaved my legs in a few days and had on my capri workout pants. Tyson reached out to rub my leg and gave me the strangest look, like "what was that?!" Then a huge smile spread across his face and he started laughing and rubbing my leg again and laughing and... you see the pattern. I'm glad my laziness could bring someone enjoyment!

Recent conversations with Riley:
"Riley, what would you like for dinner?"... "Ummm, oranges?"
"Riley, what shirt should you wear today?"... "Ummm, that one?" or "Ummm, pitty dess?" (pretty dress)
"Riley, what color crayon do you want next?"... "Ummm, boo one?" (blue one)
Notice the pattern here too? "Ummm"... and all answers sound like a question. Maybe she's preparing early for Jeopardy!?

This morning for breakfast, Tyson was being pretty fussy and Riley looked at me and said, "Titan bumpy?" I was confused for a second until she said it again and it all clicked- "Tyson grumpy?" Yep, Tyson grumpy today!

We let Riley sleep with books in her bed and this morning when I went in to get her she was saying "Izza, Izza" (pizza), which totally confused me. Then she preceded to tell me she was "making izza", looked down at her books and finally picked one up, put in towards my mouth and asked "try it mommy?" She had been making pizza in her bed and really wanted mommy to try it- I thought it was adorable and very good pretend pizza if you ask me!