Sunday, May 4, 2008

Our weekend

It has been a fun and warm weekend here in Gresham and I wanted to share a few highlights:

We are officially getting a new kitchen, with work beginning on June 9th- and probably taking one to two weeks! New floors, countertops, cabinets, and most likely that's when we'll get the appliances put in too. So, instead of enjoying the new appliances on May 14th like I previously posted about, we'll have to wait another month. A wait well worth it when our kitchen is transformed!

Rick and I actually got a real date night last night, going to dinner at Outback (gift card money) and seeing a movie. We made a stop at the 6p.m. church service in between dinner and the movie to watch our sister-in-law Debbie re-dedicate her life to Christ and get baptized. It was an amazing moment and we were so happy to be there and witness it! Congrats Debbie!

Today we had another picnic lunch at Happy Valley Park and I once again I forgot the camera! But, it was a beautiful day for the kids to play on the toys and enjoy the sunshine. They fell asleep in the car and have been napping ever since- which means I should go get them up soon so they'll fall asleep at a decent time tonight! Hope you all had a great weekend too and were able to enjoy the great weather!


Alaskiana said...

A new kitchen - how exciting! Jeff and I have big plans for ours if we stay in GA - which is not looking likely at this point.

How I wish we could stop to see you guys in June. It's going to be a whirlwind trip as it is, but it looks like we might have to fly separately and buy one of our tickets, so I'll see what I can do. Maybe I could at least snag a long layover in Portland and we could meet for lunch or something -I don't know if that is a typical layover spot or not going to AK.

Lisa said...

I think our girls are about the same age, Natalie was 2 on Feb 6th. Isn't it nice to get real dates? Courtney is going to keep Natalie for us a night next weekend so we can have one too! I'm quite excited about it!

Lisa said...

Maternity Clothes: It depends on the article. In that picture both of those are maternity, but I can still wear some in-between regular clothes (bigger than my usual size but not maternity) and some long shirts and do okay. At work, thank goodness, I wear scrubs and they can go the whole time. I'm terrified of swim suit shopping, though!