Monday, September 29, 2008

Go Eagles!

Last Friday night, we attended a high school football game to watch our nephew David play. We weren't really sure how the kids would do at the game, but it turned out pretty well. Tyson was a little squirmy, making it less enjoyable for Rick, but Riley had the time of her life- after she discovered the cheerleaders! She also loved watching the marching band, but spent the entire second half of the game copying every move and cheer coming from the squad of cheerleaders. It was so cute! Like mother, like daughter, maybe? I was a cheerleader for Kennewick High for 2 years- Go Lions! I think we've decided on Halloween costumes for the kids this year- we'll have a little cheerleader and football player on our hands! (These pictures were taken with my iPhone, so not the greatest quality, but better than nothing)

Tyson enjoying a little popcorn snack- trying to keep him sitting still!
Riley doing a few cheer moves, while Aunt Debbie holds her belt loop. She would also try and jump like the cheerleaders after the cheers- not so good on bleachers! 
The highlight of her night- Riley got to meet one of the cheerleaders on the field after the game and she was so star-struck! She wanted to keep the pom-poms!
Here is David, Tyson, and Rick, on the field after the game.
David, Riley, and Rick on the field after the game also. 

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Lisa Joy said...

Oh my gosh, those photos of David make me feel so OLD! I first met him when he was just a little kid! Maddie and Riley can be cheerleading buddies when they grow up--I kept my cheer uniforms and pom-poms so she can play dress-up. (Keith's dream was to see me in my uniform from high school, but I have a feeling that being a size 3 again just might not happen!)