Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Trip to the zoo

Today I stepped out of my pregnant comfort zone a little and followed Rick's suggestion to take the kids to the zoo- for the first time all by myself. It may not sound like a big deal, but I have to admit I was a little nervous. I figured it would be easiest (for me) to have both kids ride in the stroller, rather than spend most of the time trying to get Riley to walk or end up carrying her. We had a nice little talk in the van about Riley needing to ride in the stroller and she was amazing about it- thank goodness! We got there pretty early, 9:30am, and it almost felt like we had the zoo to ourselves! The kids had a great time seeing many of the animals who were out- the polar bears, cougars, monkeys, hippos, zebras, and giraffes. There was a baby elephant born recently at the zoo, so we were lucky enough to get our second look (the first with Rick back in August) of the baby elephant. Riley and Tyson both thought that was pretty cool! The biggest challenge of the day was actually pushing the stroller around the very hilly zoo... I was pretty exhausted by the time we left! I still think it was easier than chasing Riley in the long run. I will be grateful to have my physical capabilities back soon! And maybe I'll even be brave enough to try taking them again next week...

I'm so thankful for the double stroller! And I appreciate how good both the kids were, considering I made them sit in the stroller...

Here they are checking out the zebras (through the fence).

And the hippos are in the background here with Tyson!

The new baby elephant, Samudra, getting a little workout walking around in circles outside with the other elephants.

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Lisa said...

Good for you! Just last week, thanks to the fall weather, I wanted to take Natalie but didn't want to venture out with her so pregnant! What brand is your double stroller? I've been eyeballing them and that one looks like it has a lot of room. (Chicco who makes our infant seat doesn't make a double, poo!)

It is getting exciting around here knowing Lindsey could come any day now! I'm ready, but would like to make it to October for her sake. After that, anytime is good!