Monday, September 22, 2008

Welcome to fall!

I love the beginning of every new season... okay, maybe not winter... but every other season. It always seems like I'm ready for the change in weather when it comes. When I lived in Phoenix, AZ for 2 1/2 years, I had a hard time with the lack of seasonal changes. At least I was traveling a lot and experiencing the changes in other cities. I moved to Portland in July of 2003, just in time to leave hot, hot, hot, Arizona and fall in love with the beautiful, dry summers we have around here. I remember my first fall in Portland, being so excited about the changing leaves on the tree-lined street I lived on and the amazing fall evenings we had that year, all the way into late October. For some reason (maybe the internal heater I now have being 35 weeks pregnant) I am super-excited for the fall weather this year... give me a dry day in the mid-60's to low 70's and I'm a happy, happy girl!

Today is the first official day of autumn! So, I decided it was time to dust off my Crock Pot (and yes, it actually had a little layer of dust on it!) and make one of my favorite slower cooker recipes given to me by my friend Maggie- Taco Soup! I will be making tons of slow cooker meals and casseroles in the fall and winter months to come and I love it! I also bought some very crisp and yummy Gala apples last night at the grocery store and had my first one of the season today- so good! I could go on and on about the other things I love about fall, the new, cooler weather and all it brings... (Pumkin Spice Lattes top the list...)

Not only is it the first official day of fall, it's also the kick-off of new fall TV! Yep, I'm a big couch potato when it comes to my favorite shows! I can't wait to see the season premieres this week for many of my addictions (see sidebar for a list of a few of these addictions). I'm grateful for the invention of Tivo's and other DVR's, making it easier to love the shows, but not always have to stay up and watch them right away. It gives me something to look forward to during my "alone time" while the kids nap! But, if you're wondering where I'll be the next several nights... I'll be glued to my TV, watching (live) the extended season premieres of The Office, Grey's Anatomy, and Survivor: Gabon... just to name a few.

Welcome to fall everyone! :)

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Lisa Joy said...

Oh, you're a girl after my own heart! Autumn is my absolute favorite time of the year--I'd happily skip summer and the heat altogether just to have more Fall. My family thinks I'm crazy because I love any excuse to wear jeans and a cozy sweatshirt & bake anything pumpkin or apple (or both!) while sipping hot cider or, ideally, Starbucks. (Ooohh--did you see that Starbucks now has their Pumpkin Cream Cheese die for!) Add in a girlie movie (Little Women is my fave!) and I'm a happy girl.

I'm not sure if you like sci-fi thrillers/dramas, but one of my new fave shows is Fringe. Creepy but so captivating! (My old favorite was Alias with Jennifer sad that's gone!) Have fun waiting out that baby of yours on these Autumn days! :-)