Sunday, September 21, 2008

Oh, Riley!

As Riley gets older and her comprehension and vocabulary expands, we are really beginning to see first hand that kids say (and repeat) the craziest things! Tonight, Rick was just about to take Riley up to bed, when the Emmy Awards started on TV. They began with a montage of memorable quotes from television shows and about a minute into the montage, one by one, the cast of "Everybody Loves Raymond" came on, each saying "holy crap!", "holy crap!", "holy crap!" (Apparently a memorable line from the show...) No sooner had they finished and Riley was turned around to us... she smiled really big and said, "they saying 'holy crap!'". Oops... Of course, our first reaction was to laugh hysterically. I had a pillow over my face and tears in my eyes from laughing. We're pretty sure she doesn't know that's an inappropriate thing to say and I'm also pretty sure she's never heard either of us say it (I tend to say 'holy moley' a lot, but that's it). I think the repetition and the way they were saying it made her think it was funny enough to repeat... It certainly gave us a laugh though... is it wrong we laughed? :)

After the montage, Oprah Winfrey came out to open the show and she was wearing a beautiful red dress, which emphasized her... assets. The camera was only showing Oprah from the waist up, which made what Riley said next even funnier. She turned to me and said, "she having a baby just like you!"... yep, that's our girl! You heard it here first- Oprah's having a baby! :) She had us laughing so hard again. This may also be a funny time to point out that Riley was rubbing my belly one day and talking about the baby, then moved her hand up to my chest and said, "baby right here too!"... nope, no baby there- just my in my belly! :)

Just when I thought the moments before bedtime couldn't get any better... Riley came up to me and said, "You better not wake up Tyson or I be berry (very) angry!" Nothing like your own words being spit back out at you... is that really how I sound? Yep, must be! We've been staggering bed and nap time since the kids began sharing a room. They were spending too much time playing, laughing, and singing- basically keeping each other awake. We now put Tyson down about 30 minutes before Riley and he's usually asleep by the time we lay her down, making the process so much better (for the most part). Sometimes Riley still likes to sing, talk, and make noise when she lays down- and more than once I might have mentioned I'd be a little upset if she wakes up Tyson... I'll be watching what I say and how I say it a little more carefully from now on! But, it is true... I do get pretty angry when she wakes up Tyson...

It was an eventful and funny 5 minutes at our house tonight!

Doesn't she look innocent! :) This was earlier in the day, wearing her new pretty dress.

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