Wednesday, September 19, 2012

These are a few of my favorite blings...

In honor of the Premier Designs Sample Sale I am holding this Sunday here in the Portland area, I have decided to make a list of 10ish pieces from the new line that are among my new favorites. I will be selling TONS of samples right off my table for 50%-75% off- amazing, right?!? I am also offering FREE shipping on ALL catalog orders... including orders on the following items which are marked at close to 30% off!!!

*If you're not in the Portland area or you can't make the sample sale you can still order from the catalog and recieve FREE shipping and the special prices on the following items:
(Regular price/Sale price)

Bling it On bracelet... $38/$27

(It's a MUST-SEE in person!)

Liz earrings $25/$18

Chandelier earrings $28/$20

Prissy pin $39/$28

Buckle Up ring $53/$40

Ladybug necklace $29/$20
(add the earrings for only $15 more... $35 total)
Perfect for the little ladies in your life!

Easy Living necklace $49/$35
One of THE most diverse necklaces in the new line. 
Here are just 2 of the many ways to wear it!

Very Berry $51/$35

Malibu earrings in hematite $37/$25

Malibu and Very Berry together

And I couldn't just pick one watch for this list... so I picked 3!
Watches are ALWAYS 25% off when you order them from me, but these 3 are temporarily marked at 30% off.

White Hot $89/$65 (top)
Boyfriend $99/$70 (middle, for men or women)
Gun Metal $99/$70 (bottom, for the men... or women, too!)

I tried to picked a diverse group of items, however I still picked from MY favorites. :) I particularly LOVE the Liz earrings and get compliments on them daily.
Stop by to see so many other wonderful items Premier has to offer, or let me know if you're interested in a catalog.

Did you know there are only 96 shoppings days until Christmas?? 
A sample sale is the perfect way to get some bargain shopping done for those amazing women in your life. (Or men if you get one of our fun watches for men!)
I also have Gift Certificates available. 

Who do you need to shop for??
I'm sure I missed a few... 

Look out Tri-Cities... I'll be bringing my sample sale your way sometime in October or early November! Including these favorite "blings" of mine!

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