Sunday, November 16, 2008

Baby Dedication

This morning, our church had a Baby/Child Dedication. It was a chance for Rick and I, in front of our family and church family, to commit to raising Cooper in a Christ-centered home and to be continually praying for our children and family. We have been lucky enough to have all three kids dedicated in the same church we where were married and committed our lives to each other. We are so grateful to our family and friends from Life Group who came to the 8:30am service this morning in order to show their support!

Here we are praying with the children's pastor and church over the children being dedicated.
Here we are back at home, enjoying the beautiful weather in our backyard!
This weekend, my dad and stepmom were passing through the Portland Airport for a weekend vacation and kept their car at our house. This picture of myself, "Papa", and the kids was taken Thursday before taking them to the airport.


Amy Williams said...

Brooke, you look awesome and soo happy! I have to say that little Cooper looks like you. I couldn't tell with the other two when they were so little, but Cooper definately does! You are doing a great job with the blog and I love keeping up to date with you thru that! You have a beautiful family.

Kathleen said...

Loving all the updates!! Your family pics are beautiful. Can't wait to see more "everyday" pics of cooper!!

Hailey said...

Hi Brooke! I stumbled onto your blog via Heather's Germany blog. Congrats on #3! God is so good to give us beautiful healthy babies!