Saturday, November 15, 2008

Family pictures

Once again, our friend Amy at Full of Grace Photography offered to take pictures of the kids for us and we jumped at the chance to update our family photos! Coordinating 5 people in a photo at one time was tough, but she was able to get a couple of good ones. Cooper did great for his first photos, Riley was much more cooperative than she's been in the past, and Tyson wanted NOTHING to do with being in any pictures. He was bribed with fruit snacks to sit still, which is why it looks like he's chewing in most of the pictures! Thanks Amy for capturing some great shots of our family! :)

Riley loves to give Cooper kisses whenever she gets a chance!This is the only shot of the 3 kids we could get...I think he looks like a concerned little old man in this one!Doesn't she look so grown up!And doesn't he look mischievous... :)


Lisa Joy said...

So cute! You're quite brave to go out for family pics with 3 kiddos! All your kids are so adorable. In that "glowy" pic of Cooper, his face looks so much like Rick's brother Tim! Crazy!

Lisa said...

I love that you've done this already! and I love the pictures, too, of course. I'm so glad everyone cooperated - even if it took some bribery. It's still so funny to see how much our two girls are the same. The last attempt I did at her pictures were for her 2nd bday and it was a horrible experience - mostly because she was acting SO 2! I've got the girls matching dresses for xmas so that will be my next attempt, but no way have I ever, nor do I know when, I'll be able to pull the whole family into it! You are continuing to prove yourself to be superwoman! I hope you're feeling well and aren't tiring out from all this. Seriously, Love that family but take care of you, too!