Sunday, November 23, 2008

Jack is back!

1. "24: Redemption" was on tonight- Rick and I are big fans of Jack Bauer and have missed the ticking of the "24" countdown. But, why are they making us wait until January 11th for the real thing?!? I hope season 7 doesn't disappoint!

2. Peace of mind... yesterday we had an alarm system installed in our house. I already have a huge paranoia about someone breaking into our house, so after the string of break-ins a couple of weeks ago on our street, we decided it was a good purchase. Now, I wonder how long it will take before one of us sets it off accidentally!

3. Congratulations are in order for another member of the Thames family- our niece Jamie and her boyfriend Aaron got engaged on Friday! It was a big week for that branch of the family- Michael and Sarah were engaged on the 13th, Tim (Jamie and Michael's dad) turned 50 on the 14th, and Jamie was engaged the 21st. We are now looking forward to two family weddings in 2009!

4. Christmas shopping is usually something I leave for the last minute, which has been fine before because I had the time last minute to complete it. Now that life is a little more hectic, early shopping is a must. I am excited to be almost finished with the kids and most of my family! I still have Rick to buy for a few little things here and there, but I feel so good about what I was able to accomplish in just a couple of days. Thank you Rick for making it possible for me to sneak off for a few hours at a time this weekend!

5. Thanksgiving... I can't believe it is here already! For the first time in years, we will be traveling to the Tri-Cities for Thanksgiving. I'm so excited to spend the day with my family... not so excited for the 3+ hour car ride with a baby still nursing and a toddler who's potty trained.

6. David Klinkenberg... this amazing fiddle player was at our church last weekend as a guest musician and I would encourage everyone to check him out on iTunes or something. He has a Christmas CD, plays many well-known worship songs, and also plays a bunch of songs with Jim Brickman. Watching him play an incredible version of "Jesus Loves Me" in church had me praying that our children would take an interest in an instrument someday. What a blessing music is- I wish I had played something growing up (or stayed interested in the violin). I still dream of taking piano lessons someday as an adult! *I just realized that if you scroll down to the "Baby Dedication" post below and look at the picture of Rick and I praying, David Klinkenberg is sitting on a stool just behind me, holding his fiddle! Fun!*

7. Fireproof... this was the movie Rick and I decided to go and see on our date night last Monday after a glowing review from my mom and a few other people. We loved the movie, "Facing the Giants", which was done by the same people and "Fireproof" was just as good. It's a small movie and the acting is not awarding winning quality, but the message and lessons about keeping a marriage healthy are good. I'm sure it's out of theaters in many areas now that the bigger holiday movies are rolling in, but I would reccomend it as a rental when it hits Blockbuster in a few months.

8. Blog stalking... this is a term I came across while... well, while blog stalking. I've also heard it called lurking- both terms make it sound much creepier than I actually think it is. I am completely guilty of peaking in on blogs from time to time of people I have known in a previous life (like high school) or of people who know the people I have known in a previous life. I know I'm not alone in this, right? And, I figure if they don't want just anyone reading their blog, they would have made it private... right? So, my question is: Should I come clean to some of these people and actually start leaving comments? Many of these blogs are highly entertaining to read and help me to feel a little more normal as a parent and a woman when I see what fun things others are experiencing and writing about. I also think some fun friendships can result from meeting or re-connecting with folks in the blogging world (Hi Lisa in Atlanta!). My goal this week is to get the courage to leave a few comments... and if you happen to be reading this as a fellow blog stalker, I would love to hear from you!

9. Sleep... why is it that I choose to sit on the computer blogging and looking at Facebook, while watching T.V., rather than go to bed and get some rest while my newborn son sleeps so soundly? I am going to regret it in the morning... or in a couple of hours when Cooper wakes up to eat. Not to mention the lesson plans I still need to write for my class on Tuesday night... I'm such a procrastinator! A tired procrastinator! Off to bed I go...


Perry said...

Hi Brooke -

I enjoy reading or "lurking" at your blog! :) I agree that it is nice to know that other mothers feel the same way we do! How exciting that you are going into teaching. My husband and I are both teachers in Kennewick. I teach 4th grade at Canyon View Elementary. If you ever need anything for your masters program, let me know. You are a wonder woman! Three kids and going to school. WOW!!! Hope all is well. And next time you are in Kennewick (we will be gone for Thanksgiving) we will have to get together and let the kids play. You and your family are in my prayers during this busy time.
Blessings - Jamie Bender Perry

Lisa said...

Can I just say that I truly think you're crazy? like crazy-crazy?
Dare I add that I'm sitting here blogging while Natalie is playing happily by herself and Lindsey is sound asleep and I could at the very least be vegging on the couch with one eye closed?
I'm right there with you friend, minus a kid, minus school, and very much minus a date night with my hubby!
You go girl!

The Donald said...

I still have to watch 24. Maybe tonight. I am so stoked that this January I will get to watch it every Monday. I was so bummed when I didn't get to before.

Thanks for leaving comments on my blog. I seem to have a lot of readers (according to my site counter) but not many comments. It is always nice to receive comments so you know people are actually reading.

And when I set up my Facebook 4 months ago, I didn't know it would be so addicting. I have a myspace too, but it isn't as addicting as FB.