Friday, November 21, 2008

Weight update

Today we took Cooper in for a weigh in after he hadn't gained enough at his 2 week check-up last Friday. He weighed 8lbs 11ozs at birth and was at 8lbs even when we left the hospital, a normal weight loss after birth. By his 2 day follow up after leaving the hospital he was at 8lbs 4ozs, still doing well and growing. For some reason on the Saturday after he was born (2 weeks ago), Cooper all of the sudden quit latching on and didn't eat much for most of the day. I pumped and we syringe fed him until we could get in to see the lactation nurse on Sunday. By Sunday morning, I had a 100 degree fever and a fun case of mastitis (a not-so-fun infection of the... you know). So, by Sunday, Cooper was back to weighing only 8lbs from the lack of eating on Saturday. At is two week check-up last Friday, the 14th, he had only gained 1.5ozs since Sunday (weighing 8lbs 1.5ozs)- which is what worried the doctor. This past week, the focus was making sure Cooper was eating well enough in hopes that he gained some weight. He weighed in at 8lbs 8ozs today- not great (they hope babies are back at their birth weight by about this time), but at least it is progress. And I'm pretty sure he's going through some sort of growth spurt right about now because this kiddo wants to eat constantly today! I'm just happy he's doing okay!

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Lisa Joy said...

I remember those days! Luckily I never got mastitis, but Maddie was never an efficient eater. She'd often nurse for 45 minutes at a time (no need to rush!) and then be hungry again an hour later. I felt like I just sat on the couch and fed her for days on end! :-) Even now, at age 2, she's only 22 pounds and has always been below the 5th percentile & now she eats like a bird. Oh well! She's happy! :-)