Thursday, November 13, 2008

Family movie night

Yesterday was a rainy, windy, stormy day here in the Portland area- perfect for a cozy night in jammies watching a movie! Rick and I decided it would be perfect for our first family movie night on the hide-a-bed downstairs with the kids. We rented "Kung Fu Panda", pulled out the bed, got in our footie pajamas (OK, the kids did), and popped some popcorn. We all piled on the bed with the lights out and enjoyed the movie... we'll 4 of us did. Tyson is at a really restless age and wasn't too interested in sitting still, so he went to bed around 7:30pm and Riley, Cooper, Rick, and I enjoyed the movie. I can't wait to have many more of these in the years to come!

The kids really got comfy for the previews, before we all piled on the bed for the main attraction!
Tyson was way more interested in his popcorn than having his picture taken!

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