Thursday, June 4, 2009

Little Buddies

Hands down, one of my favorite photos right now- matching jammies and all!

Today, while Tyson was saying "goodnight" to Cooper before his nap he said, "I love him!" He gets a kick out of sharing a room with Cooper and knowing he's just in the crib next door.
This photo is pretty great, too.

I love these kids more than words can describe... and I'm glad they love each other, too... for now. :)


Lisa said...

I think that the happiest moments being a parent come from seeing the love between your children :)

Lisa said...

I love your pictures and I totally agree with Lisa S. Last night Lindsey was crying (I think it's ears, we're off to the doc today) and Natalie just held out her little arms and said "I hold her?" I don't know if it's my heart swelling or breaking with moments like those, but I love that feeling.

Heidi 'n' Jeff said...

That is so sweet! The are such cute kids. :)

David said...

"for now" -- that's funny

is lisa running the marathon with you?