Sunday, June 14, 2009

Marathon Training: Week 2

So far, so good on the training. I know I'm still in the "easy" weeks of the schedule, but I feel great so far. Well, except for the shin splint working its way into my right leg and the little pain I'm feeling in my right foot... minor things. Although, minor things that could turn into major things if I'm not careful. So, when I get home from work on Tuesday morning, I'm going to try out a place called Pace Setters in Portland that has you run on a treadmill and will tell me which shoe would best support my foot based on my form. I'm looking forward to it, I think the Nike's I've been wearing aren't the most supportive considering all the running I'm doing.

I found it pretty easy this week to find time to run, but I know it's going to get more and more challenging as the summer progresses and I have to work on 2 of the week's training days. After my 5 miler yesterday, I had to shower quickly and head to the airport to commute to work and then fly 3 legs, which made for a long day. I really enjoyed my 3 mile run on Thursday. I ran to a little park in downtown Gresham and Rick drove down there with the kids, so when I finished my run I was able to play with the kids at the park. It gave me something to look forward to during the run and also provided me with a new route- I'm quickly boring of the routes around our neighborhood. Man, are there A LOT of hills around our house. Hills are slowing becoming my running nemesis... although I suppose they will help with my stamina and endurance later on.

Now, the big challenge this week will be our trip to Disneyland. I am suppose to run 3 miles on Thursday, the day we fly out at 6:40am, and run another 5 on Saturday, our last full day there. I will be figuring out how to work them in without taking away from our vacation time. Maybe shifting my 5 mile run to Sunday evening, after we return, will be the best idea.

Total Miles: 15
Days Missed: zero!! :)


Babyfro said...

Sometimes I wish I could run (I can't, long story) because so many of my friends do. Instead I'll cheer you on. Tell me how Pace Setters works out, I've always wanted to know how helpful that is.

Enjoy Disneyland!!! I think switching to Sunday would be an ok exception to your training schedule.

Kathleen said...

I am so excited for you to be running Portland marathon. It is a great marathon. The hills are hard, but great training. You have a really big hill about mile 16-17. Up over that bridge, then the rest is easy. Of course, at mile hill is gonna be a good hill. Keep going though, hills will get easier and easier the more you do them.
As for Pace setters, I have never tried them, I LOVED Portland running company. They are great.
I admire you for traning alone, that was always my hard area. I loved traning with Portland fit, that way I only had to train during the week alone, and my long runs were with the group.
Good luck, and keep us posted. I am hoping to start running as soon as possible after this baby comes out. Of course, I haven't really been a runner for a couple years, so I am going to start slow. Maybe aim for a fall marathon next year!

libbie said...

I'm so proud of you! what marathon are you running?

Lisa said...

First of are amazing. You totally are making me WANT to get myself in shape and stop being so LAZY!

Second....have fun at Disneyland!

Lisa said...

All that running, and to think you could be on the couch watching So You Think You Can Dance like me... (good for you!)
Have a great vacation!

David said...

disneyland this week? try running everywhere, like from one ride to another, from the parking structure to the park instead of taking the tram, things like this could make up your 5 miles!

Anonymous said...

Good luck Brooke. Don't worry to much if you miss a run. I always try not to miss the long runs. I even had to take a week and a half off and it still went fine.

Brian Hoffmaster