Monday, June 15, 2009

The Flight Attendant Chronicles: Part 3


Temptation #1: Soda
A couple of months ago, I wrote about giving up soda, something that wasn't as difficult for me as I thought it would be. I still miss it occasionally, but considering I'm surrounded by it on a regular basis at work, I don't feel the urge to cheat- EVER! Before the commitment to give up soda, I would easily pour a little Diet Coke here or there. I mean, it was going to be thrown out anyways, right? Now, I just dump away. I can't bring myself to drink any of the fruit juices, because they have more sugar and calories listed than the regular Coke does! So, my new drink of choice on the plane is club soda with a lime... and water of course! I never thought in a MILLION years that I would like a snotty drink like club soda with a lime and I would NEVER order it as a passenger. But, when I can squeeze in my own lime and sip away in the galley, I love it!

This is what our galley and trays look like, all step up and ready to begin pouring drinks and delivering them to passengers... Look at all those shiny cans. If you were surrounded by those all day, wouldn't you start sipping on soda every once in a while, too?

And here is the tray, all set up and ready to be delivered... lots of water and fruit juices on this one!

Temptation #2: Snacks
The other temptation I seem to face on the plane are all the carb-loaded snacks we serve on our longer flights... Ritz cheese and crackers, graham crackers shaped like little planes (my personal favorite and the kids love them, too!), Animal crackers, Oreo 100 calorie packs, Wheat Thins 100 calorie packs, and of course, pretzels and peanuts! As long as I have a good food bag packed, I seem to do alright, but sometimes I just can't resist the bags of empty calorie goodness! When I worked at the movie theater, I couldn't resist all the popcorn either, so I guess not much has changed! :)

Here is what our baskets of peanuts look like, just before we walk through the aisles passing them out. Right now we have the honey roasted kind- yummy!

Temptation #3: Bar Food
The last temptation I seem to fail at most often while on the road is the food. Specifically, the hotel bar food. Even more specifically, the hot wings and chicken quesadillas. I usually try and buy one meal a day while on the road. Unless there are some good restaraunts to walk to around the hotel, you're usually stuck eating at the hotel restaraunts, which are either WAY over priced and not that great, or the bar menu of greasy, yummy foods. Oh sure, there are salads and stuff too, but those just never seem to sound as good. At one point in my flight attendant career, I could have told you which hotels had good wings or quesadillas, because that is all I ever ordered. Well, with all this running I've been doing, I have sort of figured out that eating greasy bar food is not what my body needs or actually wants lately... weird. So, last night I turned over a new leaf and ordered the grilled chicken salad!! We'll see how long it lasts! I'm not swearing off wings just yet, because I just love them too much, but having them as an occasional treat and having them 3 nights a week for dinner are two very different things. I also walked to the mall food court up the street from the hotel today and picked up a Subway sandwich for dinner while flying later tonight... although, I did have a Chick-fil-A sandwich for lunch- YUM!!

So, there you go. A few of the temptations I face while traveling this great country of ours as an extremely glamorous stewardess. Soda, carbs, and bar food... Watching too much TV and not working out used to be a temptation of mine too while traveling, but I seem to have temporarily cured that.


Lisa Joy said...

You're doing so well! Keep up the willpower and it will totally pay off! With all this running and careful eating, who might actually *want* to put on that swimsuit this summer! :-)

Lisa said...

You still serve peanuts on planes!?! I'm appalled! Have you ever had a passenger with a reaction?

I didn't give up - but did cut back - on Dr Pepper and now when I do drink it I can't finish one. It's just too sweet and heavy. I do love the occasional giner ale with lime, though!

Airplane shaped cookies! FuN!
Bar Food? YuMmY!

"Cow Eat"! Natalie would be so proud!


Kathleen said...

I am inspired by you. All those temptations and you still say no! Way to go! Hopefully, I can start eating healthy and running again soon. The running always seems to make me want to eat better too, so I am struggling with eating good right now while I can't run.

David said...
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David said...

is the stewardess...errr...flight attendant chronicles a trilogy? or does it continue after this?

i want some of that fruit juice, it looks good!

Heidi 'n' Jeff said...

I didn't know you could have fruit juice. I just take my sprite with lime. {helps my tummy when flying}

The Salt Lake hotel the Jeff worked for would keep a pot of soup and fresh baked rolls for the late night attendants. I can imagine food getting monotonous and fatty everyday.

How do you become an attendant? What kind of school do you attend to become and attendant? :)