Monday, June 29, 2009

Marathon Training: Week 4

This was an interesting week in my training...

Tuesday- Normal run, 3 mile route near the house. I'm beginning to enjoy how easy the 3 mile runs are... I will miss them. (30:56)

Thursday- Knowing I would have to do a treadmill run Friday, I was stuck searching for a route near our airport hotel. I did a couple of trips back and forth behind the hotel for the first 2 miles, then went the other direction for the last 2 miles. Between the boring route and the quiet of no iPod, it was not my favorite run ever but I got it in. I also realized how much I rely on and enjoy music while I run, thank goodness the Portland Marathon is MP3 friendly. I will DEFINITELY make sure the iPod is charged and ready for that day!! (42:32)

Friday- Treadmill run in a hot, smelly, hotel gym. It was like a sauna in there, nothing good on TV to help distract me, and I got stuck on the treadmill right in front of the mirror- UGH! It was so bad in there that the first officer I was flying with was running on the machine next to me and was going to do 3 miles, but stopped after only a mile... wimp. :) (30:32)

Sunday- Starting to add a mile each week for the "long run" on the weekend, so this was a 6 mile run and the furthest I've run since Cooper was born. In order to allow Rick to get a few things done while the older kids napped, I took Cooper with me. I chose to run along the Springwater Corridor, a long paved trail about a mile and a half from our house, because it's flat and fairly straight- easy for the jogging stroller. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but a little hot at 2pm. And Cooper did awesome! (61:12)

Sorry for the weeklong absence in blogging... I vow to do better this week.


David said...

i've never used a treadmill. how does it compare with regular running?

David said...

oh, 1st! and 2nd.

Lisa said...

I just never got into running. I'd much rather be riding a bike. I don't know why. And music is essential. No iPod, no exercise, it's a rule! (perhaps a bad one!)

I would say I missed you this week, but it was our week away, too, so you picked a good time to 'disappear' as far as I'm concerned!

Lindsey is ALMOST crawling. She gets up and rocks and can kinda scoot forward on her belly. They're growing WAY too fast.

We went to the allergist today, and finally got some answers! Stay tuned for a post on that