Sunday, June 7, 2009

Marathon Training: Week 1

In addition to keeping up with my training each week on the sidebar, I'm going to attempt to write a little weekly review each Sunday. It will be nice to have a record of how I felt with each week of running and be able to look back in 4 months to see how far I've come- assuming I make it the whole 4 months!

This week started off really well with my 5:30am run (3 miles) on Monday and a very hot 5:30pm run (4 miles) on Wednesday night. I couldn't bring myself to get up early on Thursday morning, so I was going to wait for Rick to get home and do another evening run... then came the "severe storm warning" and rain and wind and funnel clouds and lightening, around 4pm. I thought my Thursday run was going to have to be sidelined for weather reasons, but the skies cleared up after we put the kids to bed and I laced up my shoes for a cool 9pm run (3 miles).

Friday was a "rest" day and I didn't do any running, but I worked my butt off around the house, cleaning like crazy. Sometime that evening, while we were attending our nephew David's graduation/18th birthday celebration (Congratulations, David!!), I started to feel really crummy. We got home and a full-blown head cold had won the battle against my tired body, it was even bad enough to cause me to call in sick for my 2-day trip on Saturday morning. Flying with a head cold and plugged up sinuses is never a good idea and even though I was packed and had my uniform on, ready to walk out the door, I decided I would be better off resting at home and not infecting hundreds of others on the plane. Long story short (too late, I know), I also decided to give my body a rest and not do the "long" run of 5 miles yesterday. Three days of rest will be better for me in the long run (pun intended), and I will pick up with training again tomorrow morning, repeating week 1 from my 16 week schedule.

Total miles week 1: 10
Missed days: 1 (Saturday) :(

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David said...


Your training is so organized. Lisa will be very impressed! Have fun with it!